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Getting Over The Gym Jitters

Getting Over the Gym Jitters

Making that first step to begin your weight loss journey can be a tough one. Whether you are brand new to working out or are coming back from taking some time off, walking into a gym for the first time can feel intimidating and nerve wracking. Don’t let that initial fear be what collapses your drive to being healthy and losing weight. Here are some tips when it comes to overcoming that trepidation and feeling confident at the gym.

Seek out a professional

Most gyms offer a free consultation with a personal trainer when you join the gym. Take advantage of this free and educational offer. Meeting with a personal trainer offers many benefits to those who are new to the gym scene. The trainer will be able to show you how to properly work all the machines on the gym floor so that you understand what each one does and what muscles they target. They will be able to guide you on proper form and technique as well so that when you are preforming these exercises you won’t be straining any muscles.

Strength in numbers

Enlist a friend of two who has similar fitness goals to workout with you. Studies show that when people workout together they are much more likely to stay with their workout routine and see results. Having someone you know and trust there with you will make you feel more confident and also provides a bit of camaraderie. Having a friend to workout with also gives motivation to stay on track. You can offer support to one another if you start to feel frustrated and you can hold one another accountable to the goals that you set for yourselves.

Gym clothes

I know it may sound trite to say, but feeling good in what you are wearing and how you look goes a long way in feeling confident. Before beginning your workout journey take some time to find a workout outfit or two that fits well and makes you feel good. Throwing on some great new workout clothes will give you that confidence boost that you may not get by just tossing on the same old shorts and old t-shirt. Be sure that your shoes are newer and offer good support and balance.

Beginning a fitness journey is such a wonderful and empowering decision. It is easy to say that you are going to make a lifestyle change but actually doing it is something entirely different. There will be bumps and hurdles along the way, but don’t let something small like feeling nervous keep you from your fitness goals. You are stronger and more capable than you think! Congrats on making a healthy choice and taking those first steps to living healthier and happier.

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