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How To Get Rid Of Lower Stomach Fat - 3 Steps For Success

How to Get Rid Of Lower Stomach Fat  -  3 Steps for Success

Do you want to know how to get rid of lower stomach fat? I will do my best to help. Stomach fat, especially lower stomach fat, is probably the most difficult fat to get rid of. For some reason our bodies have chosen the stomach area as one of its favorite places to store fat. There are three steps that I would like to share with you that will help you learn how to get rid of lower stomach fat.

Step One: A Healthy Diet

Whether you like it or not, any sort of weight loss needs to be based on a healthy diet, so if you want to know how to get rid of lower stomach fat you are going to have to start eating healthier. If you think about it, this is probably the reason most of us get stomach fat in the first place. Too much fast food, deserts, candy, snack food, you name it.

Not only do we not eat the right kinds of foods, but we eat too much. Proportion sizes just keep getting bigger and bigger. Do you want fries with that? How about an upgrade to our super mega extra giant sized drink? What? Did I just hear you say how about an upgrade to a super mega extra giant sized stomach? Yeah.

I don't want to get too complicated here so start thinking about the food pyramid. Base your diet on whole grains, vegetables and fruit. You can add some dairy too, and when you eat meat (only a little) try to eat lean meat. Avoid the sweets if possible.

Extra Tip: If you really want to eat some sweets, try the “half it” rule. Take whatever it is you are going to eat, be it pie, cake, or ice cream, and cut it in half. That way you are still getting the sweets, but you are not going to eat as much.

Eat 4 – 6 smaller meals a day instead of the usual 3 larger ones. Your body will burn all of that energy instead of storing it into fat. This will also help you feel more satisfied during the day and you will be less likely to go out and binge on that junk food that is a major cause of stomach fat. An easy way to eat smaller portion sizes is to use smaller dishes for your meals.

Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water during the day.

Step Two: Exercise

The next step in how to get rid of lower stomach fat is to get some exercise. You are now eating healthy and your body is starting to burn what it intakes instead of storing it as fat. But, you still have that lower stomach fat and getting exercise will help you start to burn that fat off. Now you don't need to kill yourself here, especially if you are just starting to exercise. Start small. Park a little farther away when you go to the grocery store, use the stairs instead of the elevator, or take a walk around the block during your lunch break.

When you are ready to step it up to something more vigorous make sure you do something you like. Most people don't like to exercise because it usually entails doing something they don't like. If you don't like running, but you like swimming, then swim. Play tennis, go rollerblading, hike. Do what you like. Exercises and activities that incorporate the whole body are going to be best.

Again, make sure you are getting plenty of water to drink. Your muscles need that water to function. Keep them hydrated and they will be able to burn a lot more fat.

Step Three: Build Some Muscle

You will find that eating healthy and getting some exercise will greatly help you reduce your stomach fat. It may even get rid of all of it. But, like I said earlier, stomach fat, and especially lower stomach fat, is incredibly stubborn and may need a bit of extra help to get rid of it.

Muscles are what burns up most of the energy your body uses. If you need to get rid of a little bit of stubborn fat that just won't go away, try adding some muscle to your body. Now I'm not saying that you need to turn into a body builder, but increasing your muscle size will give your body more energy burning material.

The best muscle areas to increase are the legs and chest because these are naturally the biggest muscles in the body. But overall muscle increase will definitely help.

I hope that the steps I have shared with you on how to get rid of lower stomach fat will help. Remember that eating a healthy diet and getting some good exercise is going to be the best way to get rid of lower stomach fat. So what's left? Get started!

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