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Weight Loss Diets by MyReviewsNow

Popular Weight Loss Diets

Weight loss has been the emphasis in America for several years. Physicians have proven that being overweight and a sedentary lifestyle can affect the body’s ability to function properly. Weight loss diets incorporate healthy eating, wellness and fitness into one unique package. Some popular weight loss diets will be listed below to inform readers of their options for healthy living.

Joy Bauer has a weight loss program that involves healing through foods. She combines her weight loss plan with her book Joy Bauer’s Food Cures: Eat Right to Get Healthy; Slim and Scrumptious: More Than 75 Delicious, Healthy Meals that Your Family Will Love and Your Inner Skinny: Four Steps to Thin Forever. Her books illuminate prevention methods for cancer, arthritis, celiac disease and countless other health problems. With her unique program, consumers will learn how to change their lifestyles to get on the road to healthy living.

The program contains 100s of different recipes, a meal planner, a custom fitness log and a weight loss log. The program will even provide support from nutritionists. This Today Show expert claims that people that follow her regimen may lose five pounds in seven days. The person may eat lean proteins, fresh fruits, vegetables, good carbs and fats. Dark chocolates may even be acceptable for most people following the diet. The nutritionists will help to keep patients on track with the diet.

Jilian Michaels combines food and fitness in a comprehensive workout program that will help people lose weight safely in a short period of time. Her workouts are intense, but effective. In fact, she has a reputation in the fitness industry as being “tough” on her clients. With Jillian’s weight loss program, she teaches clients the right amount of calories necessary to lose weight successfully. Clients will learn to customize meals for the client’s body type. Weight loss customers will also learn how to eat at fast food restaurants and in fine dining establishments to lose weight effectively.

A weight tracker program will help clients keep track of their progress. Her weight loss success stories include clients that lost as much as 102 pound in one year. Other clients lost 25 pounds and gained a new, toned body. People that lose weight on her program report that they feel younger and healthier. Jillian focuses on three factors in her program: Science, self and sweat. The weight loss program is both a mental and physical process. She believes that there is no substitute for eating right and exercising properly.

Clients that love food will love the South Beach Diet. This diet is practical and teaches people how to eat healthy flavorful food while dropping the pounds. The program is divided in into three phases to promote healthy weight loss. The first phase is designed to eliminate cravings and prepare the body for weight loss. This stage stabilizes the blood sugar and is recommended for people that are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

The second phase is designed to produce long term weight loss. Clients will remain in this phase until they reach a healthy weight. People that have 10 pounds or less to lose may start in this phase, if they do not have a problem with cravings. In the third phase, the clients will learn to make lifestyle choices that they should maintain throughout the year. People will transform their lives and have occasional indulgences as long as they do not induce cravings.

Weight loss diets must be selected carefully to lose weight safely and effectively. The key to any weight loss program is exercise and a proper diet. Select the proper weight loss program that provides lasting results in a safe and effective manner.

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