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Fit Styler Can Help With Health and Fitness, Including Nutrition

Fit Styler can help you with your health and fitness and this means everything from your training regimes to your diet. Getting outside help is perhaps the easiest way to start seeing real differences in your physical appearance and to start transforming your body into something more similar to the kind of bodies you see on the covers of magazines and the kind of physique you’ve probably dreamed about having.

While Fit Styler is a perfect way to get you started, having some understanding of how fitness training and nutrition work is a good basis for getting started and will help you to get more from your programme once you are given it. Here we will have a quick look at the very basics of exercising and dieting and a bit of the science behind them.

First of all it is important to recognise that there are two aspects to having a good and healthy physique – and these are your bodyfat and your muscle tone. If you have good muscle tone and definition this will make you look firm and defined, while cutting your body fat is what will make you look slim and show off your definition and shape rather than making you look round. Your challenge then is to burn off your fat while building muscle.

Burning fat is something that you achieve through diet and exercise. This is the case as fat is actually stored energy – ATP or glucose contained in fat cells that are placed around your body just under your skin. This is what is ‘left over’ from your day’s diet and if you eat a lot of high energy (calories are energy) food (normally in the form of carbs) and don’t do anything to use this energy, then it will be converted to fat and stored around your body. On the other hand if you use more energy than you have available from your diet, and then continue to train further, your body will look to the fat stores that it was saving for a rainy day and will then burn these in order to carry the energy in your blood around your body to where it is needed in your muscles, organs, lungs or brain.

In other words then in order to burn off your body fat, all you need to do is to calculate how many calories you use up in a day and then to calculate how many you typically consume. What you then need to do is to bring the second number down so that it is lower than the first number (though make sure you still consume some carbs and calories or your body will go into a ‘fasting’ mode where it tries harder to store fat thinking there is some kind of shortage).

To build muscle meanwhile you need to build your muscle fibres up to be thicker and fuller so that they make your muscles look thicker and fuller on a larger scale. To achieve this you need to tear those muscles using what is called ‘microtearing’ achieved through resistance exercise and the body will then repair them thicker (akin to scar tissue). You also need to ensure that you consume enough protein to provide the amino acids which perform these repairs.

Looking to get into shape but not sure where to start? Fit Styler can help you with Health and Fitness programs and good Nutrition. Check out our website for more information and our full range of programs.

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