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A Review of the Lean Belly Prescription

We all are aware that aquiring a lot of belly fat generally is a problem. It doesn’t just give us those hideous “muffin tops”; it applies stress on the rest of our bodies and adds to problems like coronary disease, diabetes and more. There is a new book, though, entitled The Lean Belly Prescription that, according to the marketing, will help you lose your muffin top while simultaneously improving your health. This book has been reviewed pretty much everywhere and we wanted to determine if the contents of the book are as good as anything else that is already out there so we decided to give it a closer look.

The book can be purchased through regular booksellers like Borders, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.com. This is excellent as it can help the book gain legitimacy. This makes it less difficult to have confidence in as well because you won’t have to be worried about an affiliate inflating the review to make sure that you buy the book even if they know that the book won’t be helpful. The book is also composed by Travis Stork. You almost certainly recognize him as one of the doctors from the syndicated show “The Doctors” in addition to a reality contestant on “The Bachelor.” Obviously, though, he’s more than a tv personality. He is a true doctor who works in an emergency room at a reputable hospital.

Dr. Stork uses the book to plug his Pick 3 to Lean program. The Pick 3 to Lean system helps you customize your diet and lifestyle habits but will not require you to spend hours and hours working out a gym. The program will give you the chance to lose excess weight without having to give up or refrain from indulging in the things you like the most like excellent food, free time, etc. The program is based on the N.E.A.T (or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) concept. This theory declares that it is possible to burn calories without having to work out.

From what we can see, the book makes lots and lots of promises but does not offer any new or important information. The real fact is that most of the details found in this book could be found by doing a few basic Google searches and using your common sense. This will likely be a major disappointment for the people who like to learn the reasoning behind the instructions that they are given and expected to adhere to. The book doesn’t search into principle a lot. The readers are just given some outlines and plans and told to follow along. If you are an individual who would like to have a clear cut plan to follow but who doesn’t want to have to worry about the particulars of the plan, this might be the book you are looking for.

Traditional reason tells us that the only strategy to really shed pounds is to eat right and exercise. This book defies that type of common sense so we don’t truly know whether or not it is going to work as well as it promises to. Of course, today, if you can get your doctor’s blessing (from your own doctor, not the author of the book), anything is worth looking at!

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