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Common Weight Loss Diets

When it comes to weight loss there is no end to programs and advices. Checkout any magazine or bookstore or online website, you will come across plethora of solutions regarding weight loss and common diets for weight loss is one of them. Diet has been an interim part of weight loss program since days immemorial. It is not strange to hear grandmas or grandpas saying to obese children – control your diet! What does that mean? How can we control our diet and what are the common diets that one needs to take to tackle obesity and adopt a good weight loss program.

Before we have a thorough discussion on common weight loss program let us have a quick look at the facts that people usually face when they follow diet plan to control weight. First and foremost complain of majority of people under diet program is that it is hard to sustain the diet plan. Second they find it monotonous and don’t see visible results. Third they won’t adopt other healthy lifestyle with the notion that the diet plan will help in reducing the fats. These are some core issues that we need to understand well before we blame a diet for failing in reducing the weight. Diet control is just a way to control the intake of calories in your body so that the required amount of energy is utilized by fat metabolism. However it is not a complete solution to weight loss until you adopt some other habits as well.

So, before we look at the common diets of weight loss, let us take the pledge that along with the weight loss diet we would also adopt a healthier lifestyle. Given below are summary of few common weight loss diets that we should incorporate in our day today life.

Low-fat diets: All overweight people need to cut down high-fat foods. It reduces the intake of calories drastically and also don’t provide external fats to the body. But remember that low fat diet to can lead to obesity if the person eats high calorie food and exceed the calorie level of goal. In that case the low fat diets would be of not use.

Low-carb diets: Those who follow this eating plan believes that cutting down the carb on plate will help them reduce the weight significantly. This will provide low calorie to the body and the fat stored would be burnt in turn for energy thus reducing the accumulated layers of fats. Many believe that low carb diet is more effective than low fat diet. But it is not that easier to maintain low carb diet as you need to take care of each and everything you eat. However one should try to maintain as much as one can.

Glycemic-index diets: This is basically for obese people who suffer from diabetes and this diet reduces the sugar level in the blood. But there are many other factors too that influence the blood sugar level besides diet. One good example of glycemic-index diet is the South Beach diet.

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