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Get Rid Of Leg Fat Quickly - How To Tutorial

The desire to drop thigh weight quick is typically # 1 on the list for women looking to get thin. It can be a tough area to get good results from, but fortunately Asian women have been utilizing the same strategies for many years to get skinny fast and today we are going to check out how they assault leg fat!

Drop Leg Fat Quickly – How To Tutorial

One of the greatest myths I hear from consumers in my Skinny Asian Diet fat burning plan is that they heard walking, or running, will “build up their thigh muscles and make them look big”.

This is totally incorrect, and it’s one of the reasons you may not be making development in the struggle against those thunder thighs!

The simple truth is I’ve never seen a marathon runner with huge legs, or even medium-sized legs, let alone one with body fat in their thighs. The reason behind this is that constant low-resistance physical exercise is the easiest way to lean out thick muscle and eliminate fat from the thigh region, and it’s been confirmed over and over again.

Asian women normally walk and ride bicycles absolutely everywhere in China and Japan, they hardly even own a car throughout their entire lives. This causes them to use the best exercise to obtain their “stick legs”, which is effort that isn’t very difficult but is carried out over an extended time frame.

How You Can Use This Approach In Your Personal Life

I really want you to get off that stair-climber, quit doing those lunges, and absolutely give up squats if you’re doing them. They are heavy-lift workouts that will create muscle-building within your thighs which is the opposite result of what we’re after.

Rather I need you to commit to the following plan:

45 minutes of walking or riding a bike (indoors or out, either is okay) on SMOOTH roads (no hills) four days a week.

That’s it!

It is essential that you pay attention to my flat surface guideline, if you are on a stationary bike I want you to make use of one of the lower levels of resistance, nothing that is difficult. The easier it is the better as you need to hit that 45 minute mark for this to work.

Also, I would like you to consume the right food during this period, preferably as many protein-based foods as you can. Target chicken, fish, tofu, lean meat, along with other natural sources of great proteins.

Reduce the carbohydrates and sugars, and totally avoid salt as it causes issues with water retention and bloatedness. Include some vegetables at each meal, ideally steamed, and you’ve got the building blocks of a regimen that will let you get rid of that stubborn thigh fat fast without killing yourself!

It seems so easy but in reality people get confused from the mixed messages they hear from various sources. Keep a clear head and repeat this same routine as long as it takes to make it happen.

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