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Ways to Burn Calories

There are a lot of information that you can gather around on how to lose weight. The ususal information that we can gather usually involves checking on your diet plus workout. Calories taken in minus the calories burned off from physical activities is the most common equation in most weight loss guides. In losing weight, we need to burn calories.

When we take in fewer calories and we burn more, you burn fats. Calories is a measurement for energy. The calories that you haven’t used becomes your energy reserves. When these energy reserves are not used it becomes fats. It is easy to take in calories everyday. Your regular milkshake will give you 500-600 calories. Kentucky fried chicken drumstick has about 170 to 160 calories. Three of those will give you around 480 to 510 calories. It is really not so hard to take in calories.

There are a lot of ways to burn calories. Here is a list of activities that will make you lose five hundred calories in and hour. 45 minutes of playing basketball will let you burn 500 calories. One hour of aerobic dance or around 45 minutes to and hour of aerobic kickboxing will make you burn more than 500 calories. One hour of workout in a rowing machine in the gym will make you burn 700 calories. Doing laps in swimming will burn about six hundred. Jumping rope for an hour will burn over six hundred calories. When you do exercises like aerobic, fast active dancing, martial arts can mnake you burn 500 calories in an hour.

This is for those who weigh about 150 pound. If you weigh more, then the caloric burn is more which means the amount of time you put in is less. The lesser you weigh the less caloric burn and this means that you have to do more workout. These activities will help you shed off calories. Choose an activity that you really love so you’ll have fun while losing weight.

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