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Exercises for Flabby Arms

Cool summer is on its way. That means its time to wear our bathing suits tank tops and sleeveless dresses. Flabby arms won’t be so good to look at. We all have the right to flaunt our arms. To get the best results, we’ll need to do the right workout and have a good diet plan.

The right exercise is the solution. Listed here are three good workouts: Latere Pull Downs, Tricep Dumbbell Extension and Bench Dips. These exercises emphasize or target the arm areas. All these exercises focuses the back of the arm and upper back, and are essential for good posture too.

Lat Pull down

Sit down on a bench or a ball where your hips is not lower than your knees. Do this 12-15 times or each exercise. Squeeze to the shoulder blades while pulling down. Make sure that your elbowas are positioned tight to your body. Make sure that you inhale and exhale during the whole execise. Breathe in and breathe out as you take down the handles. You can do this with a bar or split grips either way will make the back of the arms toned.

Arm, Tricep Dumbell Extension

Hold one end of the dumbbell in one hand. Take up the dumbbell over your head by stretching the arm. Third, flex your elbow to gently lower the dumbbell at behind your head. As soon as you feel the stretch in your triceps, take a pause. Press the dumbbell back up until your arm is fully extended. Follow the same procedure for the other arm.

Bench Dips

While sitting on the edge of the bench, place your hands on the bench and your feet on the ground. You can have your legs straight or slightly bent. Push against the edge of the bench using both hands. To support your whole body, use both hands and feet. Lower the body down as far as comfortable then push back up to starting position. Maintain a straight back throughout the movement and keep your head looking forward.

There is no shortcut in getting firm arms. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home or at the gym, what’s important is doing the right exercise. Good results come from a good exercise and a good diet plan.

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