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Getting Started with Exercise using a Sauna Suit

When getting started with exercise in a Sauna Suit we will all have different fitness levels. We all have to realize this is the starting point, you have set your goals and now you are beginning the process of achieving those goals. The Sauna Suit is the most important item of training equipment you will need to ensure you will maximize your Sauna Suit weight loss.

And so we begin………

The best way to start is with walking in your Sauna Suit, set yourself a realistic distance. From there you will be able to asses your fitness and stamina.

Finding a Buddy

When choosing a buddy to exercise with its important to find someone who has a similar fitness level and achievable goals. Training in the Sauna Suit with someone is great as you can draw motivation and support from each other in reaching your goals.

Raising the Intensity

From walking in the Sauna Suit you can raise the intensity to power walking and eventually into running. Running in the Sauna Suit is one of the best forms of cardiovascular training.

Mixing It Up

Walking and running in a Sauna Suit can be fun to begin with but after time it can become tedious and it maybe time to mix things up. It’s important that your exercising in a Sauna Suit does not become a chore, find an activity you are interested in. Finding a sport you enjoy participating in for example a game of tennis or soccer can be great as we describe this as Disguised Fitness. Disguised Fitness means you are unaware at the time of exactly how much you are exercising as you are more focused on winning the point or scoring a goal. Many of these activities/sports can be done whilst using your Sauna Suit to ensure you maximize your weight loss.

Fitness Gyms – Good or Bad?

We would advise initially on not joining a fitness gym. Entering a state of the art gym can be a daunting prospect and an expensive commitment as they can have high joining fees as well as a long term payment plans.

You need to find what’s right for you first, cycling in a Sauna Suit is a wonderful example. You plan to go for a 15-minute bike ride and you are having such a good time it turns into an hour ride. That would not happen on a stationary bike in a gym.

In time you may feel a fitness gym is right for you but at least you have explored your options and you will get value for money once you decide to sign up as you know its right for you.

No Excuses

Cold or Wet weather is no longer an excuse with the Sauna Suit. Due to the “sauna effect” our Sauna suit creates you will be warm in no time at all and remember all our suits are waterproof.

Having a training buddy can be vital in those times of indecision of shall I exercise now or shall I stay on the sofa? Having someone to depend on to motivate you and likewise you motivate them will benefit both of you in reaching your goals.

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