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How to use a pulse meter while running?

Before you run out first round of the neighborhood, you should make sure that your body is ready to strain, bringing a pulse meter to help you keep up the optimum. We checked how to do it right!br>
Wait a minute with the Marathon: If you are interested in start running and do not know how to survive more than a minute without fainting, you should first make sure the body is able to load,
get help meter pulse analyze your performance and allow gradually increase the pace from time to time.
Running without preparation may cause damage.
'Running's notoriety stems from the fact that many people start running before the body is ready to meet those loads, 'says Ran ,a known coach running a triathlon.
If this is the first time you are planning to run, Ran recommend that an effort to begin testing (Aaragomteria) at licensed sports facility, and advises 'do not start to run, even a round in the neighborhood, before making sure everything is working properly and doing exercises to strengthen and stable - even before running the first meter '.
Clock pulse that is used in training should be two functions: measuring the pulse of course, calculation based on served segments.
After the first runs designed to check the pulse can be obtained, analyzed the data recorded in the device and exhaustive of which the main thing to perfect the following training.
'at a range of pulse where I work has other physiological processes that affect the body, 'says Ran. 'I use the pulse meter to be accurate and make the whole process of training I was looking for. '

Run without end and thin? Solution: a watch with pulse meter

If you are sweating and exhausted and still not lose weight - could very well be that you are not in sync with the pulse of your target. It makes your training to be effective. Some tips to maximize physical activity on a new line designed from each pulse of the world - 'Polar'
The majority opinion does not give the same calculation of a target pulse.
Without it, say trainers, exercise may be effective in many cases low.
Completely rough calculation does not require, the target pulse maximum (100 percent) is calculated to reduce the Trainee age from 220 in men, and from 226 in women.
For example, the maximum target pulse of a man 30 years old is 190 beats per minute, and 30 years old woman would be 196 beats per minute.
But make no mistake - this is not the pulse you should strive to practice, this is the maximum it can reach your body. For an athlete starts, beating the goal is to train range from 60 to 70 percent maximum target heart rate. For an advanced athlete, beating target practice comes to 70 to even 90 percent of the maximum target heart rate calculated.

What is the desired pulse to burn fat?

It is around the area of ??the -60-70 percent maximum target heart rate.
At this rate of heartbeats, heart muscle gets stronger, as he works with higher blood pressure. When fat-burning workout, we recommend 45 to 60 minutes pulse goal.
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