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Build an Effective Fat Burning Routine

In all probability, if you are reading this article, you are one of the many readers who want to achieve one or more of the following goals:

1) Boost your confidence through a more attractive and sexy appearance.
2) Enhance your overall health to increase longevity and quality of living.
3) Feel better, avoid bad moods, and enjoy more energy every day.

You need to do more than just lose weight to help you achieve these goals. You should invest in changing your body composition through a quality fat burning routine instead.

Here's why this works...

Your overall appearance and health are determined by several factors; these are also individually responsible for contributing to the total weight of a person. Body weight is determined by different components like fat, muscle, water, and glycogen.

To get rid of the "bad" weight and maintain the "good," you'll need to follow an efficient fat burning routine. This will help you achieve the lean, trim, and energetic body that you want.

Burn fat and build muscle. This strategy will ensure that you get into your desired shape and maintain it in the long run.

Stop obsessing about the number on the scale! Work towards decreasing your body fat percentage, while maintaining healthy muscle tissue through an effective fat burning routine.

This is important because of three reasons...

To begin, the amount of lean, healthy muscle you have determines your basal metabolic rate, or how many calories you burn while at rest. To raise your metabolism and burn more fat, you must attempt to increase your muscle mass.

Furthermore, your muscular development is the key to shaping and toning your body and enhancing your appearance, which is what you want. A low body fat percentage is a good goal to have, but without adequate muscular development, your body, though devoid of excess fat, will lack definition and toning.

Lastly, you must realize that "crash diets" may help you lose the pounds very quickly, but the results are not long-lasting and you are bound to fail. In effect, your body will react by (1) slowing down its metabolism, (2) wasting muscle mass, and (3) releasing hormones that prevent fat loss.

These pit falls can be avoided by following a simple strategy.

Focus on a "weight loss" approach that helps in reducing body fat, while preserving muscle tissue. This can be done with an effective fat burning routine.

Forget this obsession with trying to lower the number on the scale as fast as possible, as it is only one small piece of a much larger and more important fat burning routine puzzle.

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