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Six Pack Abs - How I Got Mine in Thirty Days

Getting ripped abs in thirty days seems almost too good to be true; most people can't believe it's possible If we are honest in most cases it's not. It's natural to want to get to your dream body style and weight in a month, but it's not natural to actually do so if you start out overweight. Depending on where you begin building abs in 30 days may or may not be possible.

If it's so Hard, How Did You Do It?
I began my quest for ripped abs already with a flat stomach. I've never been overweight, my stomach is relatively flat and I eat pretty healthy food as it is that which cut out a lot of time from my journey. I didn't have to work much on burning any belly fat; I just got to jump into training exercises. The first thing I did though wasstart taking in more protein, protein helps the muscles rebuild themselves getting closer to 6 pack abs.

I started my journey doing 15 minutes of abdominal training out of an hour long session 3times a week. The other forty five minutes I spent doing other things like some weight lifting and running. I did this for seven days before changing it up.

Week Two
During my second week I worked on my abdominal muscles for thirty minutes a session without taking a break. It is important to keep working without stopping other than to consume some water. Room temperature water is best because it doesn't stiffen the muscles. This week, I went for a thirty minute brisk walk on the days that I wasn't working out and I worked out Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. This gave my muscles time to build, but also made sure my body didn't stay sedentary.

Week Three
Week three I started seeing some amazing results, people were
noticing my face getting thinner, and my abs were protruding
it was safe to say that when I flexed I could see the six pack in there. After that sense of accomplishment I kept working towards my ripped six pack abs. This time, I focused on my abs for 45 minutes switching up the routine a bit and still did it four
times a week. I used what I had learned so far to motivate myself to try different things and work my abs in ways I had not yet tried, still taking the daily breaks with the brisk walks.

Week Four
This week I was feeling on top of the world, my body wasn't as sore and my abs were showing just a little bit. I spent the full hour on my abdomen and spent an hour walking on my days off. By the end of the week I had reached my thirty day mark, and when I compared the photo I took the first day to myself
in the mirror today it was clear I had made tons of progress. I could officially see my abs without flexing, and I had six pack abs.

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