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Traditional Dieting Doesnt Work

If there is one constant in the world today, it is the fact that there is a diet for every possible angle of losing weight. The trouble with dieting, however, is that it simply does not work. Dieting is a fruitless passion, of restricting calories, depriving yourself and changing meals. But, in order to lose the extra weight you are trying to eliminate from the body, you must change your life and the way you think about food.

While there are clearly many diets out there from fad Cabbage Soup diets to 24 hour Celebrity Diets, there is no clear evidence that any of these diets work. As a matter of fact, if dieting worked, there would be far fewer people with weight problems today. But, this is not the case. Today, there are more people living overweight than ever before and this is a clear sign that diets just do not work.

Why don't diets work? Deprivation is the number one reason why people fall off diets. When a person feels they are depriving themselves from the foods they love, especially after living a life of food celebration, they often become more and more mentally separated from the diet. Just like with any other decision in life, if our minds are not totally in sync with the decision, we will not succeed.

Another key reason for failure, is excessive restriction. While the human body can live on a calorie restricted diet for a short while, and often under the guidance of a doctor, after a short period, the body will simply demand more and more food. Thus, the dieter will feel as though they are starving and fall off the diet wagon only to eat more food and regain any lost weight plus possibly some more.

In general, fad diets and extensive diet plans require too many changes on the body and in a persons lifestyle to work on a daily basis. In order to make real changes and lose real weight for a lifetime, the weight needs to be lost slowly and through a plan that changes the eating plan gradually and in a way that is easy to stick with.

Dieting is a multi-million dollar business. The reason dieting makes so much money year after year is due to the immense failure rate. If you truly want to lose weight, take a few baby steps by being more active, and make changes that you can live with for a lifetime.

Stop Dieting and Struggling! Are you fed up of battling to lose weight?

You have probably felt like this for a long time - you keep trying diets but they don't work. They're full of empty promises and disappointing results.

Losing weight doesn't have to be hard work, eating foods you don't enjoy and boring exercise. Restrictive diets aren't the way to successful weight loss.

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