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Emmy Winner Kyra Sedgwic s Diet Secrets

Kyra Sedgwick won the Emmy for the best drama actress in the TNT crime drama, “The Closer.” Kyra Sedgwick won the Emmy for the best drama actress in the TNT crime drama, "The Closer."

Kyra said that food has never been easy for her and it is certain that she is not the only one. In 1985, she had to lose 20 pounds for a movie role to play a Holocaust survivor. After it was done, she gained it back and then some because she ate everything in sight. At that point she took responsibility for her body and health. Kyra actually threw out here scale because she realized that "it's never going to be the right number."

Not owning a scale actually helps a lot of women, not just Kyra Sedgwick. Studies show that scales can be counterproductive when it comes to weight loss. In a 2006 study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, University of Minnesota researchers found that the most scale-obsessed students were more likely to skip meals, use diet pills or laxatives, smoke, and binge and vomit to lose weight. And, this group ended up gaining twice as much weight as the less scale-inclined subjects.

However, for some women scale helps to keep them motivated. Women who are confident with their bodies say that they felt motivated to keep doing healthy things, such as exercising or eating right, after they check their number.

There are other things you can see which can help you gage your weight, without using a scale. For example: Are your clothes fitting better or looser? Do you have more energy? Are you sleeping better? Do you feel healthier? These can be signs that you are leading a healthy lifestyle.

Kyra Sedgwick is happy with herself, her husband, Kevin Bacon (they are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary) and their two kids, Travis, 19 and Sosie, 16.

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