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Where To Purchase Nutrisystem Food And Meals

The other day I received an email from someone who had finally made the decision and the commitment to get started on NutriSystem and so she headed off to her grocery store.  She checked out the nutrition aisle by the slim fast shakes and the protein bars.  However, she couldn't find any thing.  She went down the frozen food aisle and looked by the weight watchers, the lean cuisine, and the smart ones.  She came up empty there too.  She then decided that maybe she would have better luck at the drug store or pharmacy, but all she saw there was the same products which were at the grocery store. 

In a last ditch effort, she drove clear across town to a health food store.  There was nothing there either.  Frustrated, she found my blog and emailed me, saying: "I've been to every store in town and I can't find any NutriSystem foods or products.  If they don't carry these things at stores, pharmacies or nutrition centers, where do they carry them?"  I'll answer this question in the following article.

NutriSystem Centers And Buying Online:  Many people confuse NutriSystem with Jenny Craig where you have to go to a clinic to weigh in and to purchase your food.  Although the company does have a few clinics scattered across the United States and Canada, these are generally few and far between.  The vast majority of folks on this diet order their foods and products online.  I think that the company probably prefers not to use a middle man and they don't require you to weigh in, although they do provide you with free counseling online or over the phone. 

The good news with this is that there's no marks ups or the excess cost generally associated with distributors.  You're getting the products right from the source.  And, the company usually offers coupons and specials through third parties that will not only take either money off or free food, they'll also sometimes ship your order for free which saves you the gas of having to drive all over the place.  As most people place orders for enough food for a month, this can be a pretty large order, but it only requires a few minutes to chose your foods and get started.  This shipment will last you a month and you won't have to worry about it again until four weeks later.  You can also chose auto delivery which will free you from having to remember having to place another order.  And, there are always discounts and free shipping offered with auto delivery.

I know that often when you make a large decision like going on a diet, you want to get started right away.  I completely understand that.  But the order only takes a few days to arrive and use can use this time to research which sides are appropriate with which meals.  You do have to add a healthful, fresh side to each of the NutriSystem meals, but these should be glycemic friendly as you want to work with the diet rather than against it.

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