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A Look At The Medifast Ready Made Shakes

A coworker of mine has been researching the medifast diet, which I have been on for a while.  The other day, she called me and asked why some of the shakes were different.  Most days, I use the 55 shakes which I mix up in the morning and take to work in the same cup just about every day. These are what she is familiar with.  But, when contemplating an order, she had noticed what she called the "juice box type" shakes and wanted to know how they were different and which tasted better.  So, in this article I will answer these questions about the ready to drink shakes as well as discuss the nutritional differences.

Convenient Like A Kid's Juice Or Milk Box: Probably the biggest draw of these shakes is that they are extremely convenient.  They look like a kid's juice box in that there is a straw on top that you just pop in and go.  There is no mixing or measuring.  In contrast, you have to mix up the women's medifast 55 shakes.  I often take this extra step because I like having the control of changing around the texture and / or adding in extras like fat free whipped cream or sugar free syrups.  However, I always keep the ready to drink shakes in my car and in my garage when I am working out.  That way, if I get hungry while out, I don't have to worry about running through a drive through or making bad choices.

What Do The Ready To Drink Shakes Taste Like?:  I find that these shakes do have a slightly different taste than the powdered ones.  And, they are a bit thicker.  If you like thick, rich shakes (they remind me of the old fashioned, soda fountain kind), you may prefer these.  They come in two flavors – French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate. These flavors are pretty typical of what you would expect, but they aren't overly artificial tasting and they don't have the chalky or aftertaste you may be fearing. 

Most people drink them right out of the box, as their convenience is the big draw, but I've also seen people freeze them and eat them like ice cream or frozen ice.  Or,  someone I met on line pours them over ice and then mixes them with a sugar and fat free chocolate soda to get an end product that takes like the old fashioned floats.

They Are Also Gluten Free:  Another big draw to this product is that they are gluten free.  The powered shakes do have a very small amount of gluten (<10 PPM).  People with celiac disease or dietary sensitivities are safe with these.

Nutrition: Both these and the 55 shakes contain 90 calories per serving.  But, the 55 shakes (powdered) contain 13 grams of protein and 8 grams of sugar, while the ready to drink have 11 grams of protein and 6 grams of sugar.

Personally, I use both these and the powdered shakes as I like having control of the powdered version, while I like the convenience of the ready to drink variety.

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