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Options Available When You Buy Oral Hcg

There are several weight loss clinics around the country that offer HCG treatments that include HCG injections, should you desire them. Since such clinics are expensive and not always easy to get to, many people find it more convenient and economical to buy oral HCG. This homeopathic remedy is easily available, costs relatively little and is completely safe to use for weight loss.

What's Wrong With Injections?

The answer is nothing – provided you get these by prescription from a licensed physician and use them with a doctor's supervision.

The danger of ordering HCG injections online is that you have no real guarantee of what you may be getting. It is not legal for individuals in the U.S. to obtain injectable HCG by themselves or to have syringes without a prescription. At the same time, these foreign sources are often back alley storefront operations that are neither well-regulated nor supervised by any official health authority. Therefore, what you get (assuming that the website is not a scam) may be of dubious quality.

If you really want HCG injections, the only way to do it is to go through a qualified physician. Since the FDA has not formally approved HCG for the purpose of weight loss, most family doctors are hesitant to write such a prescription. Therefore, your options are to either go to a specialty weight loss clinic that offers HCG, or buy oral HCG.

Is Oral HCG Better?

Whether or not oral HCG is more effective than injections is open to debate. However, most evidence indicates that both forms offer comparable benefits. Oral HCG is less expensive and much easier to use.

The homeopathic remedy comes pre-mixed and ready to take, whereas injections must be mixed inside a sterile container in precise amounts. Besides that, even if you have a prescription and are under a doctor's care, the injections can be quite uncomfortable after awhile.

The only thing to keep in mind when it comes to oral HCG drops is that you cannot simply swallow them. The biochemical substance that triggers the breakdown of excess fat deposits and re-regulates metabolism will be destroyed by the digestive acids in the stomach, rendering your HCG useless. This is why the solution is placed under the tongue, where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly and effectively.

Usual dosage is approximately 14-16 drops (4 milliliters), taken three times a day before mealtimes.

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