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Is cheap Hcg A Good Idea?

"Cheap" HCG may seem like the answer to your prayers, but it can come at a heavy cost if you are not careful. Most "HCG diet kits" that include syringes are of doubtful quality and are even illegal in the U.S.

No Quality Controls

There is nothing inherently wrong with HCG injections as long as the HCG solution was manufactured in the U.S. and is administered by a qualified physician. Preferably through a licensed HCG diet clinic.

The primary danger is that overseas laboratories are usually poorly-regulated and run by people who are not qualified for the work they are doing (assuming they are doing any work at all). Assuming they are not operating an outright scam, you have no assurance that what you will be getting is an effective product. It may be expired by the time you get it, or tainted. Worse, it may not be HCG at all.

What you do get (if you get anything) is a powdered form of HCG. This must be mixed in exact proportions, placed in the syringe in the correct amount, and then injected into muscle tissue three times a day for forty to forty-three days. Of course, if you have needle syringes without a prescription, you are taking the risk that DEA agents will be knocking down you door (but that's another issue).

Go With Homeopathic HCG Drops

The great thing about oral HCG drops is that they are so easy to use and easy to store. Furthermore, most homeopathic HCG is manufactured by safe, regulated U.S. laboratories operated by reputable companies that provide a quality product. This is because the Food and Drug Administration provides oversight and regulation. Additionally, the homeopathic industry in the U.S. regulates itself and requires that all products meet minimum quality standards.

Take Nothing For Granted

It's still a good idea to check out any company that is offering HCG drops for sale online. Such a company should have a physical address (not a P.O. Box) as well as telephone contact information. When you call, you should be able to talk to a live person. If there is an e-mail address, it should be consistent with the website address. If it is a "gmail" or "hotmail" address, chances are there is something to hide.

Finally, the company should subscribe to the Better Business Bureau Online program as well as TrustE – both assurances that you are dealing with a reputable company.

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