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Discover How To Lose 15 Pounds Of Excess Weight In A Week – Try These Effective Tips Right Now?

If the diet and exercise plan you were following now was effective; you should be losing weight by now! Isn’t it? It is nearly impossible with your normal routine and needs to be changed right now.

If you strictly follow the below diet and exercise plan for 1 week; you are definite to lose at least 15 pounds within a very short time frame, such as a week.

Changes in Your Diet-

Do not follow your routine 3 main meals for 1 week. Instead eat 5-6 small portions of meals throughout the day. This will keep you full and help increase your metabolism throughout the day.

Drink plenty of water; at least 8 glasses a day. Whenever possible drink iced cold water to help burn fat. Your body will use stored fat to bring the water temperature to your body level.

Make your meals more protein based and reduce the carbohydrate content. Protein consumption keeps you feeling full for a long time and this helps to eat less. Do not eat once you are full; stop eating just to finish what you have dished out.   

Drink at least 2 glasses of water 15 minutes before having a meal. This will help you eat less. Grapefruit juice is supposed to enhance your metabolic rate and 1 glass is recommended with your breakfast. Do not skip breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. Having a more protein breakfast will keep you full and avoid eating junk food in between. Starvation is not recommended by any means; it actually is counter productive in losing body fat.

Do not eat anything when you are feeling negative. People tend to eat more than needed when feeling negative emotions. If you feel negative; feel it fully and release the feeling before eating anything.

Avoid junk food and deep fried food for this week. By any chance if you eat junk or fired food due to an unavoidable circumstance; do not feel guilty about it, just ignore it. Guilt is a negative emotion and it will keep you stuck and not moving forward.

Changes in Your Exercise Regime-

Long and boring cardio and aerobic exercises have been proved to be ineffective by a recent Harvard study. Instead High Intense and Short Duration exercises are the most effective in losing excess body fat. The best exercise recommended is to sprint for 2 minutes and rest for the next 2 minutes. Do this 4-5 times at a stretch. (If you are diagnosed with heart conditions or any other disease; please consult your physician before deciding on an exercise plan.}

Cleansing the Internal Organs and Colon-

New research has found that plaque and critters living in our internal organs, especially in the intestines, are responsible in sucking the vital nutrients of our food intake. Leaving the residue to us. Cleansing the liver and colon will increase the efficiency of it and help digest food more effectively and flush away pollutants around the stomach area; making it easier for your body to get rid of the excess weight around the abdomen.

Other than the above have 6-8 hours of sleep every day for the 7 days. Breaking sleep is said to be a major factor in our body storing excess fat Also have a positive mind set throughout the week.


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