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La Times Believes Exercise Will Not Work In Losing Weight

The LA Times in August took some facts from the CDC and other sources and came to the conclusion that exercise will not work in weight loss. Most experts agree that they took the information and twisted it to fit their belief. They feel that with regular exercise you become hungry and so you eat more and will eat more calories than you burned up during the exercise. They further believe that our bodies store and hoard calories for later. In part this is true and this is one of the responses you have to overcome when dealing with any diet.

This response is called the starvation response and was a way your body is able to hoard calories and fat for the proverbial rainy day. When at the dawn of man you didn't have a grocery store at the end of the street. You never new when you would eat and so your body designed a response to the sometimes long periods of not eating. The body would automatically kick in this response if you did not eat every few hours.

The body would start to slow down its metabolism and start the hunger pangs that would get worse if you did not eat. This was so that you would survive the times that food was scarce. This response is easy to overcome by simply eating every couple of hours. You do not need to eat much but enough to keep the starvation response at bay.

With this information and a little bit of embellishment they come up with the belief that exercise will ad weight and not help in weight loss/ This can be farther from the truth. Yes if you exercise and then come in and eat a massive meal you will gain weight especially if this done every time you exercise. But you are not supposed to eat after exercising.

Most experts including the American College of Sports Medicine say that for long term and short term weight loss you need to maintain the loss by exercise. This is the largest deciding factor in diet is the exercise program. If you eat a balanced diet and make the changes that will allow you to lose weight and burn fat exercise will become the catalyst that enables your body to become more efficient in a variety of bodily functions from vascular to cardiac.

Exercise after a period of time will enable you to maintain your weight but it will keep you fit and trim and full of energy. It will extend your life in most instances and enhance your quality of life. The LA Times article has stirred many experts and groups to come out and support the thought that exercise with any diet is something that necessary and rewarding. Do not be fooled into thinking that you can exercise and then eat with out restraint and still lose or maintain your weight. You will need to restrict the number of calories in and increase the number of calories that are burned and then you will lose weight.

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