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Every Other Day Diet Secret

Every Other Day Diet Secret

Every Other Day Diet is a diet developed by John Daugirdas in his book.This diet proposes the thought that one eats relatively normally on one day, but on the second day switches to a low-calorie quick. The thought is that people will stick with a diet that allows them to eat relatively normally every other day. This concept of intermittent fasting has shown some early promise with work in mice in terms of combating disease. Additionally, there has been some work done indicating that an every other day quick might extend lifespan.

Is it possible to lose weight eating all of your favorite foods? can hamburgers, pizzas and ice cream really be a part of a sane weight loss program?

That’s what Jon Benson promises with his “Every Other Day Diet”, and I wouldn’t blame you if you think it all sound pretty far fetched. I sure did! But the idea of being able to lose weight while still eating all of the foods that I love was too appealing for me to pass out on without at least taking a look at it. So I went to find out the truth about the Every Other Day Diet.

What Is The Every Other Day Diet all about?

The basic concept behind the Every Other Day Diet is this: on one day you eat high-protein foods which help you to burn fat fast. But… on the next day you can eat whatever foods you desire (with measure, of course). You can eat pizzas, burgers, or even that tempting looking soufflé you see on your right.

EODD is meant to help you to develop a healthier relationship with food, instead of the love-hate one many people have, that makes most diets such a struggle. By not having to constantly fight the urge to eat your favorite foods, you are more likely to adopt EODD into your lifestyle, and keep the fat off forever. No more yo-yo dieting!

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What Makes The Every Other Day Diet work?

There is a simple science behind EODD. It’s based on the fact that the body is not a machine, and it easily adapts to whatever it is that you feed it. When you’re consuming the same amount of calories every day, you body’s metabolic rate will stabilize at a certain point, and when it does, it starts storing off fat.

By eating only high protein foods on one say, your body will be demanding high fat foods the next day, your metabolism and fat burning will go up, and the amount of fat that you store will go down, making you slimmer and thinner.

What are the benefits of The Every Other Day Diet?

 - No rigid eating guidelines – Many of the diets out there pretty much don’t leave you a chance with their tough diet plans and strict rules about what you cannot eat. As a result, you end up hating it and quit.

 - Psychological advantage over other diets – With EODD the food cravings are much more manageable. Compare “Tomorrow I’m goanna eat cheesecake” with “I’m never goanna taste the sweet taste of cheesecake again”… which one is depressing, and which one is encouraging?

 -  different levels for increased weight loss – Allowing you to fit the diet to your goals (and you are able to switch between the different levels to re-accommodate the diet to your lifestyle)

 - Helps you set clear and attainable goals – How will you get to where you want to be if you don’t know where it is? EODD helps you set the right goals for you.

 - A complete section on getting in the right mindset for dieting in general and EODD in particular – Getting in the right mindset is crucial for any diet.

If you have been struggling with other diets, not being able to follow through with them or just plain not getting the results you desired, or if you want to be able to lose weight without giving up on the occasional hamburger, Every Other Day Diet may very well be the answer to your prayers.

With ample scientific proof to back it up, hundreds of thousands of people around the world being successful with it, an easy to follow plan, and a 60 days money back guarantee, you can feel safe and secure when you invest today in Every Other Day Diet.

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