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Does Fat Loss 4 Idiots Really Work?

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

The Fat Loss For Idiots diet has gradually increased in popularity over the past year. But just because something is popular doesn't mean that it's any good, it can all be because of good marketing. So does Fat Loss For Idiots really work? I now know the answer...

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Does it help you lose weight?

In terms of weight loss, it's clear that the Fat Loss 4 idiots diet works for most people. From over 30 users who have tried this diet and shared their experience on my review, all but 1 were happy with their weight loss.

How Much Do You Lose With This Diet? Although FatLossForIdiots promises that you can lose 9 pounds every 11 days, I found that the average weight loss is slightly lower. From the 30 and more people who posted their diet stories on my review, I can say that the average weight loss is 7.5 pounds every 11 days, though 2-3 people lost 9-10 pounds.

How Does It Work? The diet is based on the calorie shifting method. This is a method which keeps your metabolism high by constantly shifting the type of calories that you eat at specific times of the day. You don't have to cut down your calories so you don't starve which makes it easier to stick to this diet.

Do You need to exercise? Fat Loss For Idiots doesn't require exercise, though it's recommended to do some brisk walking once in a while.

What is the success rate? From 30 people who wrote on my review, 1 wasn't happy with the diet. Therefore, the success rate is 96%. This means that it may not work for you, but that is unlikely.

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