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Why soy protein is the best diet shake for women

Congratulations for knowing that one of the major keys to weight loss is protein! So many women believe that protein is man food and only for muscle builders. This could be further from the truth. Before I get to how much protein you should be eating daily, let me tell you about the benefits of a protein rich diet.

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Satisfies cravings.

It's true, the more carbs and sugar you eat the more of it you will want to eat. With protein your body will feel satisfied and will create a wall preventing you from your most severe junk food cravings. A diet rich in protein and fiber is the key to weight loss. As you increase your protein intake you should lower you carb/sugar intake. Moderation is key here, but it is important to switch to whole grains.

Fuller, Longer.

There are mornings when I will grab a bagel, donut, fruit or even yogurt and find that I am starving an hour later. This is always frustrating when I'm trying to lose weight because I feel like I can never get full. This was until one morning I decided to have a couple of eggs for breakfast with a little turkey sausage and realized I went through most of the afternoon not even thinking about food. How could this be? I eventually connected the dots that when I have a protein rich breakfast I feel better and the meal will carry me until the afternoon usually on the same amount of calories or less.

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How much protein should you consume?

I don't like to get into specific numbers because everyone is different. However, to lose weight you should focus your meals on protein, vegetables, and whole grain fiber. Carbohydrates should be the smallest part of your meal. Complex carbs such as whole grains, vegetables, and yams should be eaten everyday with most meals. Protein can be found in meat (preferably lean), tofu, eggs, beans, nuts and some dairy products.

What protein rich diet programs do you recommend?

I've had the best results from The Day off Diet a program that provides you a list of fat burning foods and protein rich meals. You will also have the freedom to enjoy some of your favorite foods once a week. I usually use my day off as a day to enjoy ice cream!

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