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Fat Burning Furnace - Fat Burning Diet Review

When it comes to losing weight, most people understand the need to boost their metabolism in order to burn more fat. That's what Rob Poulos has done as the designer of the Fat Burning Furnace diet.

As the owner and founder of Zero To Hero Fitness, as well as an expert in the field of fat loss, Rob knows what it takes to lose weight and more importantly, keep it off.

The Fat Burning Furnace includes two parts. First, it has a diet and weight loss guide. Although not as complete as some programs, it still contains solid information on diet and nutrition. It shows you what foods are good to eat and which ones are not good for your metabolism.

What's In The Program?

Included is a list of the 15 best and worst foods to help. What I liked in regards to the diet guide is how it isn't filled with a bunch of scientific data and terms you can't understand. It's simple, concise and to the point information.

The second part of the Fat Burning Furnace system is the exercise or workout guide. No, this isn't some 60-minute workout plan that leaves you sweating like a stuck hog. It contains short, simple exercises that last 15-20 minutes.

Rob recommends following the workouts for 2-3 times a week. The only equipment you'll need is a couple of dumbbells. Perfect for busy people.

Finally, you'll get personal email support from Rob. That may not seem to mean too much, but if you get stuck or have a question, it's nice to know you'll have the right person to help.


I give Fat Burning Furnace 4 out of 5 stars. It could have a little more on post workout nutrition, but that's about it. The program does what it says it will do and that's burn fat. It's easy to understand and follow. All in all Rob has put together a nice program.

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