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Tips To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

1) Get help and Motivation. 

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Join a group or follow a plan and keep following it until it works. There are lots of groups and plans available. Some are right in your town. You can also use and online one, but this is a little less personal and easier to slip. Some employers offer help as well. They can offer support groups to fitness club memberships. Weight loss is hard, for most it will be a life long struggle. Don't do it alone. Have your family and friends help. Don't be embarrassed to ask for help. They may even need to lose a little weight themselves! Let them know what you goals are and ask them to help keep you to them. Ask them if you can do the same for them. Talking the talk will help you walk the walk. Tell yourself every morning that you can do this. You may not believe it at first but keep doing it. Keep the motivation going one day at a time.

2) Exercise
Exercising is a great way to help lose the weight and keep it off. Exercise can be anything from a full work out to just moving or fidgeting. When I'm sitting down I just move my legs up and down or side to side. Do anything to burn some of that weight off. Exercise every other day to start. The key here is regular exercise. Don't give up after the first week because you aren't seeing any results. Get a friend to do it with you. Just start out walking each morning or evening then work your way up. Bike riding or jogging is fun and great exercise. Maybe even bike to work with today's gas prices! If you do have a membership to a fitness club, ask if they have people or groups that can help. Make sure to consult a doctor before you start any heavy exercise.

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3) Eating
Here's the tough one, eat less and eat better. Try to eat less processed foods. There are too many convenient foods keeping us fat. Eating frequently stabilizes your blood sugar, controls appetite, and keeps your energy up. Ideally, you shouldn't go more than three or four hours without eating something. Grab a piece of fruit instead of the bag of chips or chocolate bar. Drink lots of water. Take sips regularly. This will help with the energy level and make you feel less hungry too. Remember the food groups to keep a balanced diet. Follow the group or plan you joined in step one. They have a proven method that has worked with others. If you follow it and ask questions you will do well.

With these three steps you will succeed in losing that unwanted weight.

Don't do it all at once. Take baby steps to achieve your goals. Set small easy to achieve goals and timelines. The hard part is to make this a lifestyle. You will need to keep these going to keep the weight off. Just do it.

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