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Do You Really Need to Lose Weight?

The question may sound like a silly one. You would think that determining whether or not an individual needs to lose weight would be a simple matter. Well, take a look at the number of thin people in this world who still feel that they are too fat. Unfortunately, we don't always see ourselves as we really are. When that happens, it's time to take an objective look at our bodies before going on some weight loss regimen. This article will give you a simple procedure to follow for determining whether or not you really need to lose weight. Hopefully, after reading it, you'll be well informed enough to make one of the most important decisions of your life.

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Determining whether or not you really need to lose weight is actually a very simple process. Unfortunately, it's not one that we can do on our own. The reason, as I stated up top, is that we don't always see ourselves as we really are. So, we need to turn to good, hard, solid facts. And the only facts that matter when it comes to deciding on whether or not to lose weight are height, body type and age. The rest of if, wanting to fit into a size three or wanting to be a runway model, doesn't matter. Your ideal weight has already been decided for you based on those three factors. The age factor mostly because as you get older your metabolism slows down. But for the most part, it's height and body type. So just how do we determine what your correct weight is based on those factors?

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Well, fortunately, those things have already been figured out for you. There are charts for proper weight just about anywhere you turn on the Internet. Just pick out one of a thousand sites, plug in your height and body type, which is either small frame, average frame or large frame, and the chart will spit back what your ideal weight range is. The usual ranges are about ten pounds. So any weight within that range is considered normal. So, if you weight 145 pounds and your chart shows 135 to 145, even though you're at the upper end of the scale, your weight is still within the acceptable range.

Unfortunately, this is where most people run into trouble. They feel that they have to be at the lower end of the scale. This is not necessarily so. If you consult with your doctor, he'll most likely tell you the same thing. You shouldn't decide to go on a diet unless you are outside of the given range for your height and body type.

So before you decide that you're overweight, please get your correct weight and what your ideal weight should be. And do it at a doctor's office. Most home scales aren't worth a thing. A doctor's scale will be accurate and give you the real facts.

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