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7-Day Weight Loss Guide

Every week I am going to give you a day-by-day plan to the week ahead, to help take the confusion out (ie. discussing topics like the negative calorie diet) and put the success back in your fat loss plan.

So print this out, put it on your fridge, and let it guide you to your fat loss goals, while keeping your workouts fun and motivating.

If you're a M-F, 9-5'er, you know that Sunday should be your day to hit the grocery store and get fresh meat and produce to prepare your meals for the next week.

I'm a big fan of picking up some fresh salmon fillets and asparagus for Sunday dinner. Chicken breasts are cooked "en masse" for freezing and then used over the week as easy lunchtime protein sources. Fruits and vegetables are washed and prepared for cooking or snacking, and almonds and walnuts are packed into travel bags for when I'm on the go.

Prepare and succeed. It's that easy.

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But what about negative calorie foods? Are there foods we can eat that burn more calories than they contain?

No. That's ridiculous.

While these "negative calorie foods" are healthy, and help fill you up, they still contain calories.

Now here we go with our day-by-day guide...


After your strength program, try a different exercise machine (or bodyweight exercises) for your interval training workout.


30 minutes of activity. Take some additional time to review your nutrition, reviewing your food intake. Check the number of calories you are consuming. Are you eating too much? Too little? Not enough protein?


In addition to your workout, take some time and review your short-term and long-term training goals. Have you met your short-term goals? Are you getting closer to your long-term goals? If you aren't, determine the obstacles in the way of your success and make a plan to work around them.


30 minutes of activity. If you are using a cardio machine, or even running, make sure that you are using proper technique and posture. Have a fitness professional monitor your technique and your breathing. This will ensure that you get the greatest benefits from your efforts.

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Your last strength and interval workout of the week...have fun. Add some biceps curls or something you really like. You've earned it.

Also, make a goal to reduce the amount of diet soda you drink and replace it with Green Tea. Even though diet soda is calorie-free, it contains a lot of chemicals and doesn't contain the helpful nutrients found in Green Tea.


30 minutes of activity. Make it fun! And check in with a member of your social support group - perhaps go out for a healthy lunch and a long walk while discussing your progress and sources of motivation.


Another 30 minutes of activity. Plan, shop, and prepare. Reduce the amount of diet soda and other junk on your list, and replace it with Green Tea and green vegetables.

Another week and another pound or two of fat should be hitting the road.

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