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Best Way To Burn Belly Fat - Using Interval Training and Bodyweight Exercises

Most people have an incorrect notation when it comes to using exercise to burn fat. They think that it is enough for them to actually do a brisk walk every couple of days, and that doing so will ensure that they remain in shape and fit for life. However, the sad truth is that life will not work that way. Whilst this type of exercise is good for your overall health, it is not enough if you want to achieve higher standards in your own fitness goals. This means, that doing a brisk walk every other day will not be enough if you want to burn the fat that is currently on your body.

With that said, the best way to burn belly fat is having a strength training routine which is then coupled with a short intense cardio session. Such type of cardio is typically known as high intensity interval training (HIIT) and gets the name because it is short and to the point.

With high intensity interval training, the intensity is the key since we will not be spending too much time on it. You need to ensure that the time that we actually spend on it is well spent. Therefore, using HIIT we will be able to get into the fat burning zone much quicker than we will using traditional types of cardio. Also, with the old fashion way of doing cardio, the body will start to adapt with each and every session, and therefore we will need to perform more cardio the next time around if we want to burn the same amount of fat. This is something which simply does not happen if one uses high intensity interval training.

So, how will a typical gym routine look if you are using HIIT? Well first of all, you will need to do a five minute body weight warm-up. This will ensure that you get blood flowing to your muscle and also prevent the risk of injury. Therefore, you can do pushups, squats or lunges for your warm-up. Once this is complete, you will then spend 25 minutes of strength training. Here, you will focus on basic compound exercises. These types of exercises will hit all of your major muscle groups and ensure that you get the most buck for your workout time. Also, you will not waste any time focusing on smaller muscles which will not give you any major results.

Once you finish your strength training, you will get to the cardio part. However, this will be done quickly and effectively. No more time wasting on the treadmill. You will do a quick 5 minute warm up, walking at a brisk pace. Then you will do an all out spring for a minute coupled with another minute of walking, where you will have time to catch your breath. Repeat this process three to five times, warm down slowly and you will be ready to get out of the gym.

Using this type of workout, you will be able to get in and out of the gym in 45 minutes flat. This is also the best way to burn belly fat. Follow this program and the fat will start to melt away in no time.

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