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Fat Burning Diet - Really Lose Weight With Fat Burning Diet

A fat burning diet is one where you really target your fat deposits with a healthy diet and a sustainable (and enjoyable) exercise program.

If you are desperate to lose weight and go in for any number of the weirdo crash diets that are constantly doing the rounds, your body really will crash on you.

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If you starve your body with less than 1000 calories per day intake and give yourself no opportunity to exercise, you are going to be listless and moody and any weight you lose is going to come back with a vengeance.

If you go on a crash diet, of course you will be on a fat burning diet. Trouble is, fat is not all you will burn. As well as fat burning, you will burn muscle and lean tissue.

You will burn your energy reserves. In short, you will burn out physically, mentally and emotionally. Not really the most fun you can have while standing up.

Don't do it to yourself. You deserve much better.

A true fat burning diet requires that you get yourself informed about a nutritious balance of the right foods for you to be eaten in the right portions at the best time of day.

You have to commit to a little daily advance planning of both meals and exercise.

You should invest in some basic equipment; a set of bathroom scales that measure fat content is fairly desirable.

You could benefit from some information on how to eat and exercise for your specific body type (somatotype), be it willowy ectomorph, curvy mesomorph or cuddly endomorph.

You are also going to want a fair helping of willpower and perseverance. A healthy lifestyle is a fresh start; it's not a free ride.

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