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Exercises to Lose Fat

Exercises to lose fat are not the only things that will get you that body that you have always wanted. Here we will look at some workouts and foods that will get you the results that you want.

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Stubborn belly fat is the hardest of all fat to lose on the body. This is because the body likes to store the fat on the stomach in men and in the hips and thighs in women. If you think that crunches will get rid of your abdominal fat you are right and wrong.

Doing crunches or other stomach exercises will help build more muscle in your stomach which will increase the rate at which you burn the fat that is on top of the muscle. But without doing anything else to help with the fat loss you will not see the results of all the time you put into training your stomach muscles.

Naturally you would probably think that you need to run to burn off that extra stomach fat. Well, this is not the most effective way to lose belly fat. I would recommend running to have a healthy heart but not to get ripped because that is just not going to happen without changing your diet.

We have all seen the chubby people always running on the treadmills at the gym and yet they don't ever seem to lose any weight. That's because they eat very badly and then go to the gym to burn off those extra calories. Well, eating a couple cookies and some chips would take a lot of miles on the treadmill to burn off. It would be in your best interest to eat less and run less.

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