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This Newest Weight Loss Diet Outperforms Low Carb and Low Fat Diets?

This Newest Weight Loss Diet Outperforms Low Carb and Low Fat Diets?

Lose Half a Pound Per Day!

Are you trying to lose belly fat that just never seems to come off? If so, take a good look at your diet, did you know that your diet accounts for 80% of your weight loss results? You might have thought that doing crunches was the way to achieve this, but in reality, crunches will just strengthen your muscles. It will not get rid of the layer of fat covering those strong muscles! This is even more true when you are trying to get rid of belly fat.

When you do crunches for example, you are strengthening and bulking up the stomach muscles, this is great, but there are still inches of layers of fat sitting on top of them that you have to get rid of! Everyone hates going on super restrictive diets that do nothing but cause stress and keep you hungry. One diet that is effective but won't make you starve to death is the now popular "Fat Burning Furnace" system. Why has the Fat Burning Furnace system become so popular? This is simply because people are able to lose 1/2 pound a day through a method called "calorie shifting".

Calorie Shifting basically manipulates your metabolism into burning more fat every day. You don't have to necessarily eat less, you just have to eat the right combinations of food, at the right times! Also included in the Fat Burning Furnace system is a custom diet creator tool where you can custom make your own meal plans according to your specifications. You'll never have to eat any meals you don't like! Most people who have joined the Fat Burning Furnace program have lost 26 pounds in 7 weeks, that is 1/2 pound a day while still eating their favorite foods! Calorie manipulation is the "new wave" of dieting that will help you achieve a slim waistline in no time.

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