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The Fat Burning Furnace - Burn The Fat by Simply Switching Out Your Cardio Workout!

Learn How to Lose 26 Pounds in 7 Weeks!

Burn The Fat by Simply Switching Out Your Cardio Workout! The average person trying to lose weight has some preconceived notions about which workouts they should do to lose fat. They falsely believe that cardio is the best option they have as far as fitness goes. The fact of the matter is that cardio only a short term solution or "quick fix" and should not be looked at as something you should do in the long term. Over time cardio workouts become less and less effective as your body adapts to the workouts.

You might see results at first, but over time your results will decline as each workout burns less and less calories. The #1 best performing fat burner workout is Interval Training. Interval Training has been around for many years but has not been given the same amount of attention as cardio has. They last only 15 minutes in duration yet are intense, they get your heart pumping and work all of your body's major body muscles. With Interval Training, you can get the same results as a regular 1.5 hour cardio session in just 15 minutes! The amazing thing about these workouts is that they burn carbohydrates instead of calories which makes it harder for your body to store fat! These workouts are perfect for busy moms, dads or college students who have busy schedules.

They can be done almost anywhere with just 15 minutes of time. A great thing about using Interval workout to lose fat is that you never get bored since the "pace" is never the same thorough the workout, instead you are changing your speed at specific times during the workout. This "fast-slow-fast-slow" technique as been proven to be 9 times more effective than cardio in dozens of Australian studies. Do these Interval Training workouts sound appealing to you? The best resource for starting these workouts is with Rob Poulos' the "Fat Burning Furnace" website. Rob is a big advocate of Interval Training and has seen the amazing results they deliver to his now 30,000 clients. If you are ready to learn some truly effective techniques for burning fat and keeping it off, the Fat Burning Furnace Guide will give you all the tools and secrets you'll ever need.

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