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Fat Burning Furnace - Quick Fat Burning Workouts That Stay In Effect for Hours!

Learn How to Lose 26 Pounds in 7 Weeks!

Quick Fat Burning Workouts That Stay In Effect for Hours! The Fat Burning Furnace is a popular new program that uses calorie manipulation and short yet intense workouts that causes fast weight loss. Rob and Kalen Poulo's are the creators of the program, they were formerly overweight even after trying every option available.

They soon bumped into what most people would call unconventional weight loss techniques that are not too often heard about. One of the first techniques they learned for exercising is something called "short burst" workouts. These short workouts are intense but are only 15 minutes long. They will give you the same results you would get if you were on the treadmill for hours!

These workouts also keep your metabolism burning fat for up to 72 hours after the workout is completed. People who have very busy schedules really enjoy short burst workouts for the flexibility it gives them.

The diet part of the program uses calorie shifting instead of a regular diet where you are told what to eat every day like a robot. Alternating your calories on a daily basis is a way to guarantee you will never gain the weight back, even if you still eat junk food!

The human body was designed to go for a day or two with very low calories, so calorie shifting is an eating system that is closer to that of our ancestors who had to hunt for food. Most diets will tell you to eat 2000 calories every single day, but with calorie shifting, your daily intake is never the same, it is always alternating.

It really doesn't matter what you eat, whether it's burgers, pizza or cake, as long as you follow the calorie shifting guide, you will lose weight! On average people who have joined the Fat Burning Furnace have lost 26 pounds in just 7 weeks, all while enjoying delicious foods, not starving themselves and not spending all of their free time at the gym.

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