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Fat Burning Furnace - Best Way to Lose Weight Fast without Cardio?

Fat Burning Furnace - Best Way to Lose Weight Fast without Cardio?

How to Lose 26 Pounds in 7 Weeks

The best way to lose weight fast surprisingly does not include cardio workouts at all. The long standing myth in the fitness industry is that cardio is the best option for fat loss. In reality cardio will only give you temporary weight loss because it does not actively build up your metabolism. Interval Training is a hot new alternative to cardio that takes only 15 minutes to do per session. Interval Training is also super efficient at reducing belly fat.

Losing weight around the midsection is also something many people want above all else. While most people think that obtaining flat abs or a six pack should be done by crunches, in actuality, the workouts that are the most effective for this don't even specifically target that area. In order to burn fat even during short periods of time, you must increase your heart rate so that you get into the "fat burning zone". Crunches simply cannot raise your heart rate enough for this to take place.

Without a doubt the best place to learn about these unique exercises is with Rob Poulos' "Fat Burning Furnace" guide. Rob Poulos is a fitness expert and his guide will show you step by step how to lose weight by using these workouts in your own home, at your own pace. You will be able to save hundreds of dollars you would otherwise spend on gym memberships. Over 30,000 people have flocked to the Fat Burning Furnace system because they enjoy these "short burst" 15 minute workouts instead of doing hours of cardio. In fact the Interval Training workouts have been shown to keep your body burning fat for up to 48 hours after the workout is complete!

The best way to lose weight fast is without a doubt the Interval Training workouts, they are just 15 minutes long yet can burn so many calories in this short period of time!

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