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Losing Weight - What I Know For Sure

When it comes to losing weight, I have so far to this date failed 100% of every diet I have been on and tried. I have come to the conclusion that it is not because I have no will power, or that I am a bad person that deserves to be overweight. I believe I am approaching the whole concept of weight loss from the wrong direction.

With my blood pressure rising, my knees aching from carrying around the excess weight and my clothes getting tighter fitting, I have many times said, "I give up". But that's not really what I want, what I really want is to be healthy, lower my blood pressure, be able to walk and go where ever I want to and not suffer later with aching knees. I want to be able to get up and get dressed for the day and not give it another thought. I really don't think that is unrealistic or an unattainable goal.

So I have sworn off diets, besides I decided long ago that if you eat period your on a diet of some sort. With all the information and programs I have read and belonged to I surely have the information, advise, tips and knowledge needed to have a grasp of what is good and healthy, what should and shouldn't be done, eaten or thought.

I know that no matter what, exercise of some sort must be added to your daily routine. Just thinking about exercise and saying your going to start does nothing for you. All the good intentions in the world are nothing more than that, good intentions. I also know that to start any type of extra movement added to my daily routine is a good place to start. I truly believe that the more weight one losses the more they actually do feel like being more active.

I am also painfully aware that this is a decision that only I can make and that only I will reap the rewards or failures of my decision. I either really do want to be healthier or I am still trying to fool the only person that really truly knows me and truly cares enough to try. I only hope the me that on the outside that actually carry's out the choices I make cares and loves me as much as the me buried deep inside of me.

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