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Weight Loss, Losing Weight and the Best Way For You to Succeed

How do You know which "Weight Loss Program" will work for You.

Everyone is aware of the large number of programs and diets that are available to us all today, there are so many hundreds, if not thousands of them, that make them almost un-countable.

However there is one thing that has become apparent to me over the years that I have studied and researched these programs and that is that the individuals "that's ordinary people just like You and I" who have been truly successful in achieving and maintaining there desired weight loss are the Individuals who have used a program that fits there Lifestyle, Personality, Food choices and Goals.

In short a program that they can live with and enjoy every day.

Weight loss programs or diets have no requirement or need to be Hard work, dreary, boring or repetitive there are such a variety of Programs, Plans + Diets available that the most important thing to do is select the correct one for you. This is done with a simple analysis of yourself and how you wish to lose weight, and then select the correct weight loss program that fits your needs wants and lifestyle requirements.It's that simple !

An example of this would be If you dislike exercising:- then don't select a program that involves exercise it sounds simple but so many people make this mistake ?

Another example would be that if you were the type of individual who Is not prepared to change the type of food you enjoy eating then selecting a weight loss program that involved a strict or limited diet would not work for you long term. Would it ?

Hear are seven questions to ask yourself ! but please read through them all before returning to the first question and starting to answer them honestly:-

1. Am I prepared to exercise YES or NO ?

2. If Yes to 1 above How much are you prepared to do ?

3. Am I prepared to count calories or constrict the food typ's that I eat on a daily basis YES or NO

4. Would I prefer to continue eating my existing food typ's Whilst Still Losing Weight

5. Would I prefer to change to a New Variety, Style or Type of Foods !

6. Would I prefer to reduce my daily food consumption to achieve my goals

7. Would I prefer to increase my daily food consumption and Still Lose Weight

Now, with the answers you have gathered honestly about yourself from above, You have a firm knowledge of the "Weight Loss Program" that shall work best for you.

Any other type of program you may select shall not work for you long term, it may create some short term weight loss, but you shall gather all of that lost weight back again and probably more once you have stopped that program, which was not correct for You in the first place.

Any program you use, that does not comply with your honest answers to those 7 Questions. will have little or No lasting effect, as the program does not match your "Lifestyle, Personality, Food Choices, Needs or Goals."

You shall be unable to maintain it for a prolonged period without making yourself miserable, and there is no need to be miserable, if you select the correct program.

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You can do it !!

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