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End Overeating: Is Exercise One Of The Causes?

The phrase "To lose weight you need to eat less and exercise more" has become a cliche. All dieters know that eating less food is one of the best practices when trying to lose body fat, but becoming more active seems to be the major hurdle that causes almost all weight loss plans to fail again and again.

But what if the opposite was true? What if I was to tell you that exercising may actually be causing you to lose less wight?

Generally, most people tend to exercise very early in the morning and on an empty stomach. This is probably because they have heard or read somewhere that this is the best time to exercise or the only time of day where you can squeeze in a workout.

Whatever the reason may be, if you exercise on an empty stomach and really early, it can actually wreak havoc on your stomach. While exercise does burn calories, it also makes you feel hungrier afterwards. Along with the "high" that the body feels after a prolonged amount of exercise, this can often lead to overeating.

Although you may not end up eating 4 pieces of toast along with 6 eggs and 2 large glasses of orange juice after each workout, your calculation of the amount of calories burnt during the workout is often much higher than the actual amount.

Add this to the fact that many people also underestimate the amount of calories they eat at meals, combine for slower weight loss.

Losing weight too quickly is something that you should not aim to accomplish. A slower approach to weight loss is one that will most likely see permanent results and the plan can be maintained for a longer period of time because it is tolerable and not too strict.

One key to successful weight loss is to never perform a workout just before a main meal. Try to do it just before some other activity or before you need to go out.

For instance, if you just finished a 30 minute workout on your treadmill, you should go and shower, and then maybe go out for a walk to the park, or maybe you could go to your local coffee shop and enjoy a sugar-free, low fat latte.

Something to keep in mind is fiber. Fiber will help to fill your stomach without adding too many calories. So what you could do is eat a high fiber snack just before a workout. Slim-Fast make great bars of this type as well as All-Bran.

One of the biggest downfalls of weight loss are sport waters and protein shakes. These usually contain very large amounts of sugar. All the calories you had just burned off get added straight back to your body with these sugary drinks. Be sure to check the labels and choose low calorie versions.

So remember that exercise can cause you to have a larger appetite and take precautions to watch your snacking after workouts and learn to snack wisely.

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