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HCG Diet and Exercise--Easy Does It

The HCG diet and exercise should not be used hand in hand. That is to say, the HGC diet and exercise that is strenuous should be avoided because the diet involves a huge reduction in caloric intake.

Losing weight is not always just an issue of "pushing away from the table" as some would have us believe. I’m not sure how this myth got circulated, but it was most likely first said by someone who could manage their weight that way. In some cases, that’s like saying avoiding cancer is just an issue of not smoking cigarettes. Not if both your parents died from cancer.

Reducing food consumption certainly won’t hurt anyone managing their weight, but everyone’s body is different and everyone has different obligations in life that can make weight loss nearly impossible without tweaking the body chemistry to your advantage. One way to do this is through HCG dieting. This involves a safe, naturally occurring supplement that is FDA approved and will help you lose pounds quickly.

You will lose weight and do so quickly; that’s really where the burden of proof lies with HCG diet and exercise. There are many ways to lose weight in a hurry, but almost any expert would tell you that keeping the weight off is the real trick. That’s the difference between a successful program and a yo-yo diet.

The protocol for this plan calls for an extreme drop in caloric intake for about a month, all the way down to 500 calories a day. Now I can’t stress enough how bad an idea this is for losing weight on its own, because without the HCG dieting element your body will go into survival mode. You can lose the weight with the HCG diet and keep it off.

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