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The Master Cleanse Diet - What To Expect After The First 10 Days

The Master Cleanse Diet - What To Expect After The First 10 Days

The Master Cleanse Diet has gotten a lot of attention lately with many famous people getting great success with it. Hip-hop singer Beyonce Knowles lost a whopping 20 pounds in just 2 weeks for her role in the movie "Dreamgirls". Robin Quivers from the Howard Stern Show lost 70 pounds after magician David Blaine had recommended it.

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Many people are excited to see that they can lose 2 pounds every day with master cleansing which lasts 10 days drinking a special lemonade mix. The old method did not allow you to eat anything but Raylen Sterling has recently released a new method that includes a "safe" list of foods you can eat which makes it more of a diet than a conventional fast. A big question many people have is "What are the benefits I will experience after the 10 days?".

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While the results during the diet are great, the real results are felt after the diet is over. Master cleansing will have restored your body to its' natural state that would be in place already if it wasn't for our toxic lifestyle. The toxins make our bodies be off balance and make us crave unhealthy foods. Slowly you will begin to see a change in your taste buds, you will start craving fresh fruits and vegetables instead of cheeseburgers. Robin Quivers has described her new taste buds as: "I was eating a salad for the first time and going, 'Wow! This tastes like ice cream!'".

Master Cleansing get's rid of two problems at once, it helps you lose the weight and also helps you kick your unhealthy eating habits without any willpower needed.

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