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Hoodia Gordonii Cactus Extract – Why CITES Need To Intervene?

The Hoodia Gordonii cactus extract is taken from the plant Hoodia Gordonii which is an indigenous plant From South Africa. There is a high demand for this plant in the diet world because of its appetite suppressing properties has posed a threat for the plant to become extinct. With this there are certain international agreements between governments to protect plant like the Hoodia Gordonii in international trade from being depleted. This is where the CITES come in.



What Is CITES?

CITES stands for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered species of Wild Fauna and Flora. It is an international agreement between governments that intend to guarantee continuous survival of specimens of plants and wild animals in international trade. The idea came to be in the early 60's and was first enforced on July 1, 1975 after a meeting of representatives of 80 countries in Washington DC, United States of America. Now it has a large membership of 175 parties.



How It Functions

It works by controlling the international trade through import, export, re-export of certain species that is covered on the list of 28,000 species of plants.  All necessary trade functions has to be authorized through a licensing system wherein each member or rather known as a Party, involved has to designate one or more Management Authorities that will be responsible for implementing the licensing system and one or more Scientific Authorities to advice them on the effects of trade on the status of the Hoodia Gordonii. There should be the acquisition of the CITES permit with the import and export between involved countries to make the trade legal. It is always a must to check on the national laws because there are also some variations of needed requirements from one country to another. Currently there are only a few companies that are legally allowed to import and export the Hoodia Gordonii. The end goal of CITES is to ensure the sustainability of the trade in order to safeguard the Hoodia Gordonii for the future.



­The Hoodia Gordonii cactus extract has the ability to suppress a person's appetite and thirst while giving him or her enough energy to go through their regular day to day activities. What makes it so in demand is that there are no recorded side effects on the body except that you have to remind yourself to eat regular meals and drink the required amount of water daily.


If you intend to purchase the Hoodia Gordonii cactus extract you have to make sure that thecompany that manufactures the product has a CITES permit to import and export the Hoodia Gordonii otherwise their products are fake.



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