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The Importance of Cellulite Reduction Exercise

Anyone who is worried about cellulite and done some research, either online or in libraries, will have come across all kind of miracle cures that promise cellulite reduction with no effort at all. What these “solutions” offer is usually nothing more than a short term cosmetic loss of fat which soon returns. The only way to really get rid of cellulite is by diet and cellulite reduction exercise. While any form of exercise burns up calories and thus reduces cellulite, there are some cellulite reduction exercises that target specific areas of your body where cellulite tends to collect and works to burn it off. Remember that to really get rid of cellulite and keep it off, you have to sweat it out. The more you exercise, the more calories (fat/cellulite) you burn. It’s as simple as that.

Basic Cellulite Reduction Exercise

If you go to a gym, the instructors there will be able to advise you on what kinds of cellulite reduction exercise you should do to target the cellulite affected parts of your body. But there’s no need to go to a gym just for this. There are lots of great guides available- in books, magazines and online – that will give you great cellulite reduction exercises. You could invest in a cellulite reduction machine if you want. But before you spend all that money, here are some simple things you can do to get started.

A regime of light weight training three times a week is a great cellulite reduction exercise. The weights burn off cellulite and add to you muscle mass. He more muscles mass you have, the more calories you burn, even when not exercising. Leg curls will burn the cellulite off the back of your legs. Lunges and squats will take the cellulite off the thighs and midriff.

Besides the weight training, you will also need to do some aerobic cellulite reduction exercise. Aerobics are great for burning up fat. You can invest in a treadmill, but just jogging, or even walking, around the block is a good cellulite reduction exercise. Swimming is a great cellulite reduction exercise if you have a pool nearby and the climate permits regular swimming. If you are the kind of person who likes company, why not look at joining an aerobics or a dance class? These are fun and produce good results.

It really does not matter how you exercise, as long as you do it in a focused manner with a definite objective in mind to keep you motivated. Start slow and work your ay up in terms of intensity and duration. And do not expect miracles. The cellulite will reduce; but it won’t happen overnight, even with the most targeted of cellulite reduction exercise. Keep in mind that any form of cellulite reduction exercise needs to be accompanied by a sensible diet to achieve real results.

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