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Obtaining Weight Loss with the Grapefruit Juice Diet

For those looking to lose weight, the grapefruit juice diet may seem like a viable option for them. It is a simple diet that is high in proteins and low in carbohydrates, much like the Atkins diet. However, there is not one group that claims the grapefruit juice diet as their own and there have not been any studies that have proven conclusively that this diet not only allows people to lose weight but allows them to keep it off. In fact, it seems that most of the weight loss is in water weight rather than fat loss, so the weight quickly returns after the person has gone off of the weight loss plan.

The Plan

The grapefruit juice diet plan consists of a simple meal regimen that is low in calories but high in protein. The grapefruit juice diet also has a person eating a half of a grapefruit or eight ounces of grapefruit juice with each meal of the day. There are some doctor's and researchers that theorize that the secret to the grapefruit diet is that the grapefruit helps to reduce insulin levels so that the person feels full faster when eating so that they are less prone to over eat. In addition to these factors, the diet itself is low in calories, so a person who was eating such a diet minus the grapefruit would inherently lose weight because their caloric intake would be lower than what they would normally be eating.

The grapefruit juice diet consists of a meal plan that starts with a heavy breakfast that is full of protein. Two eggs and two slices of bacon are commonly used in the breakfast plans of the grapefruit juice diet. For lunch, the person can have a salad with salad dressing, whatever meat they prefer in whatever amount they want to have, and dinner is basically the same, mixing it up with red or green vegetables that do not have much starch in them and as much meat or fish that the person wants to eat. With each meal, a half of a grapefruit is also eaten (or eight ounces of grapefruit juice) and the full amount of water each day should be consumed (at least sixty-four ounces). One reason that people like this diet is because they can have as much salad dressing and butter as they want with their meals and can also prepare their foods in whatever style they want to use, including frying it.

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