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The Hoodia Weight Loss Phenomenon

The Hoodia plant comes from a family of rare cactus-like stem succulents that can reach up to a meter in height. The Hoodia plant has vivid and luscious flowers that have a strong, pungent smell. In its native Africa, Hoodia is a protected species of plant, usually found within the Namib Desert area all the way down to Angola. Hoodia grows upon the plains and rocky ground throughout the desert areas. A few of the other that this plant goes by are Bushman’s Hat and Queen of the Namib.

The indigenous population of parts of Africa has known about the medicinal uses of this plant for many generations. They have used it regularly for everything from treating stomach aches to helping to treat infection. The world’s pharmaceutical companies have also found that the extract of this plant can lower blood pressure and reduce the appetite in users. The breakthroughs made by several companies have caused a sudden surge in demand for Hoodia, giving it a protected status throughout Africa. The scarcity of the Hoodia plant, coupled with the high demand for it, has created a rich sellers market. Today, Hoodia and Hoodia supplements have a very high value on the open market, and an even higher one on the black market.

With all the hype about this miracle weight loss drug, one important question emerges. Does Hoodia work?

In part, yes. However, the important thing to remember about Hoodia is that it won’t help you to burn fat off your body. What Hoodia affects most is the part of your brain that controls and stimulates appetite. Taking Hoodia supplements can help to control your desire to eat by fooling your body into thinking it’s full. People who use high-quality, authentic Hoodia often consume 1,000 calories or less per day, and never feel hungry. This translates into 7,000 calories a week, an amount equal to two pounds of fat weekly. Taking real Hoodia stops you from needing to go back for second helpings at the buffet. It helps you feel satisfied with the small salad that you brought for lunch that day.

Hoodia comes in a variety of forms, such as pills and drops. Many people like to use the liquid version of Hoodia extract because it’s easy to blend into food and drinks, such as green tea. The liquid extract is also absorbed faster into the body. Hoodia tastes very bitter, but can be flavored with honey or sugar to make it easier to take.

It’s important to note that care must be taken when taking any appetite suppressant, especially one as potent as Hoodia. No diet should prevent you from eating properly, whether you feel like it or not. Hoodia has no discernible side effects such as those found in other appetite suppressants that over stimulate and cause problems. This is because Hoodia doesn’t stimulate the body at all.

By mixing green tea and Hoodia together, many people have found a potent mixture that helps them control their appetite and also provides a burst of energy that keeps them going throughout the day. Green tea alone will aid you in burning off 50-100 calories a day and can help rid the body of dangerous toxins naturally. By mixing Hoodia extract with green tea, many people realize a very relaxing and stress-free way to control their eating habits, especially those people who are prone to snacking throughout the day. Pharmaceutical companies are already promising mass market versions of the Hoodia extract in the very near future.

However, until pharmaceutical grade Hoodia is readily available, it’s important to take care with where and from whom you buy Hoodia. With the boom of demand for this supplement, scam artists and ineffective products abound. Do your research before you buy, and Hoodia might be just the stepping stone your diet needs.

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