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Pounds and Inches, Dr Simeon Blueprint for HCG Weight Loss Program

If you are burdened with weight problems and considering the HCG weight loss program, then, you do not have to spend a lot of time researching what the program is all about and what it demands that you do. The book "Pounds and Inches" written by Dr. Simeons will provide you with all the things you have to know about the diet. Dr. ATW Simeon, a British physician, is the founder of the HCG weight loss method. The book is considered the blueprint of the program. Being new to the diet, it is best for you to just religiously follow the instructions in the book.

The book provides the official protocols of the HCG program. There are two protocols, one for the hormone ingestion and another for the diet. There is nothing special in the HCG hormone protocols. A DIY, you are expected to learn how to inject yourself with 125 iu of hormone every morning for 23 days. If you are a female, however, and menstruating, you are to defer the injections until after your period. Today, of course, you have a choice of administration. You can do it via injections or oral drops. Should you opt for the drops, then, you are to ingest the hormone thrice a day. The amount of daily HCG intake, however, remains the same.

The diet protocol is more complicated. The diet is a 500 calorie a day diet many people consider too calorie starved for comfort. Like the hormone this diet covers 23 days, although it will not start the same day the HCG ingestions starts. It is a fiber and protein diet with a great amount of liquids thrown in. The HCG diet plays a central role in the HCG program as it is responsible for activating the power of the hormone to accelerate the metabolism of the body. What this means is that you cannot choose just one of the components.

The book "Pounds and Inches" provides a detailed diet menu. For breakfast you are not to eat any solid food. There's coffee or tea in any quantity. You are only allowed one tablespoon of milk for every 24 hours. For lunch you can have 100 grams of meat, stripped of any trace of fats, one kind of vegetable, one kind of fruit and lobster or shrimp. For dinner the 100 gram of meat is still recommended along with the fruits and vegetable and seafood, but to make it more interesting you can replace what you had for lunch with other kinds included in the limited food selection.

Many people fear the HCG diet can lead to serious problems such severe loss of energy, but the diet protocol include a 3 day calorie load-up period to start simultaneous with the first HCG absorption. During this period, you are allowed your favorite fatty, greasy and sweet foods to ensure you have ample stock of energy for the 23 day calorie starved diet.

After the 23 day diet period, your diet will gradually change for the better. More calories will be permitted but under closely controlled conditions to make sure you do not regain the pounds you lost during the program proper. Eventually, your diet will resemble the one prior to the program, but fast, junk and heavily processed foods are definitely off your grocery list.
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