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Where Not To Find Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is a really difficult topic to talk about with people especially if you have low self esteem due to weight issues. It is especially difficult to talk to a person who is fanatical about weight loss because they all the answers and everything you are doing is completely wrong. Add in your already low self esteem and you have a recipe for disaster. But there are some places that you should not go looking for healthy weight loss tips.

Some places disguise a concern for your health with what they call healthy weight loss tips but in reality what they are offering is nothing more than a glorified commercial or their chance at some sort of redemption for years of killing people with high fat foods. Of course we are speaking of the healthy weight loss tips offered by the fast food chains ever since people started suing them because of the food they offered. Of course the whole thing was silly because you cannot sue a restaurant because you didn't know when to put the fork down, but soon after all of that happened you started seeing healthy weight loss tips all over your favorite fast food restaurants.

The chances are that those healthy weight loss tips are not very genuine anyways. For some reason people in the United States are fascinated with celebrities and when a celebrity loses five pounds over a weekend the Enquirer is there to print their newest healthy weight loss tips. It is probably a good guess that the celebrity is not a nutritionist and they probably lost their 5 pounds on a weekend drug binge. So you may want to take the healthy weight loss tips of the stars with a grain of salt.

Momma Means Well

All of your life you looked to your mother to provide you with a healthy diet and the healthy weight loss tips that you would need if your weight ever got out of control. However, chances are that you looked a little undernourished to momma so she would institute her own diet plans which usually involved you gaining an extra 100 pounds so you looked healthier. Momma loves you but she may not be the best source for healthy weight loss tips either. So make sure you see your momma on Sundays but don't expect her to give you good advice on how you are going to fit into your high school blue jeans again.
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