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Slimming Diet for Fat Loss

A person with ideal weight and good health is generally more active and successful in various walks of life as compared to obese person. Obesity not only makes a person inactive and lazy but also leads to several serious diseases. Obesity is a physical state that causes constant anxiety. The hazards associated with obesity are directly proportional to the amount of accumulated fat.

Food intake generates and conserves energy in the body. This energy is then spent when a person is engaged in daily routine or in some hard work. In the body of a healthy person, this balance between energy generation and energy expenditure is properly maintained and consequently his weight remains steady.

But this is not the same with the body of an obese person. In his body, the energy expenditure is less than the energy generation. This upsets the balance between the two eventually causing obesity. The basic principle underlying all the efforts to reduce excess fat is to reverse the imbalance. One of the most important remedial measures in this direction is dieting. Diet for fat loss should be properly planned.

For quick fat loss, a person should take such diet which contains less number of calories than spent by him everyday. The actual number of calories to be consumed depends upon the fact how fast a person wishes to reduce his weight. The amount of calories may be reduced gradually and safely.

The diet for fat loss should be sensible and such that the body get all the necessary ingredients in adequate quantities. The body should get everyday, about 1 gm of proteins per kg of the ideal weight. Some carbohydrates should also be included in the diet to supplement the proteins and prevent ketosis. Also care should be taken to maintain the adequate quantity of vitamins and minerals. If their deficiency develops, they can be administered parentally.

The diet for fat loss should be conductive to cultivating proper eating habits. It should be such that the patient would take it happily and would not form aversion to it. If the diet is not to the taste of the patient, the treatment won’t last long.

Cultivating proper eating habits is equally important, because after all, faulty eating habits are the root cause of obesity. The real aim of treatment is not only to reduce weight but also to maintain the reduction thereafter.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.
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