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Lapband Surgery Support

Lap band surgery support:

Thousands of women and men are undergoing weight loss surgery annually in the U.S., and throughout the world. We can't help but notice the growing popularity of weight loss surgery. We see it everywhere. Weight loss surgery, or WLS, sounds like a simple, quick fix for those with long term obesity. Of course, nothing is ever that easy. Weight loss surgery is definitely not for those who want a quick fix or who simply don't want to diet. Patients who undergo WLS often must adhere to strict dietary guidelines following surgery or they will be sadly disappointed in their weight loss results.

We have a lot experience in servicing patients in better way.
Planet Hospital started in 2002, and our membership with the Better Business Bureau bears this out. We have been a Better Business Bureau Member since 2002, with 0 complaints since 2002, and an AA rating since 2002. But there are even better reasons to consider us.

Planet Hospital has helped over 800 persons with their medical tourism needs. Hospitals and doctors throughout the globe appreciate our attention and focus on client safety.

Planet Hospital takes your safety very seriously. After all, we understand that the decision to go overseas is not an easy one to make.

"What if something goes wrong when I am so far away?"
"How do I know that the doctors are reputable?"
"Do the doctors know what to do about my allergies?"

We hear these questions everyday and we are confidently prepared for them. When you first contact us, you will speak to a friendly nurse or doctor (or Medically Qualified Consultant) from around the globe to answer your questions. Why would we engage a doctor or nurse instead of a salesperson? Because as far as we are concerned, you have made the decision that you want to explore the idea of going overseas for surgery. We do not have to sell that to you. What we would rather do is make sure you can discuss your private matters with a professional who has a better qualification to understand what you are looking for and to make sure you will be safe enough to get the surgery or treatment that you need.

We realize that there are no bargains when it comes to healthcare; we are not looking to send you to the absolute cheapest hospital possible. We would rather send you to a surgeon whom we have thoroughly researched and who happens to be affordable because they are overseas.

We look forward to assisting you...safely and affordable.
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