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Weight Loss Exercises: How to Achieve Success

Experts are of the opinion that obesity is not only due to eating a lot but also due to lack of exercises. Exercise is a physical activity that keeps us moving like walking, gardening or dancing. Exercises are of two types namely muscle building (anaerobic exercises) and fat burning exercises (aerobic exercises).

Muscle building exercises are movements against resistance like weight. It is targeted at each muscle group, consisting of ten repetitions. It should be repeated one or two times. Another one is a fat burning exercise. It consumes large number of calories. This includes swimming, jogging and walking. As far as walking is concerned, it will be more effective only if we walk long distances regularly. Then the calories will be reduced resulting in weight loss. Walking for weight loss can be counterproductive if it is not done smartly and regularly.

Getting started is the most important thing in weight loss exercise. We can start it anywhere like walking for five minutes in our dwelling place. But, if we are really serious about losing weight we should commit more time to it. Ensuring regular exercise depends on the will, determination and motivation but other things are adequate sleep (getting adequate sleep will help in exercising for that day without wearing off quickly), walking (it is healthy to start with a thirty minute walking program for 5 times a week) and tread mill (this has the advantage that the speed can be increased if we want a vigorous exercise and can be used when we do not get the time to go out)

Thermogenics is a process in which during aerobic exercises the temperature of the body is raised thereby burning the unwanted fat in our body. Running is an exercise, which generates heat. But swimming is not a good example of Thermogenics because body temperature does not increase while submerged in water.

Even without going to the gym or using costly equipment, we can earn the benefits of being physically active. It is also advisable to consult dietician who will guide us to decrease the calories without foregoing the foods we enjoy. The most important thing for weight loss exercise is time commitment. To be successful in losing weight, exercise for half an hour time, thrice a week is compulsory.

Weight loss exercise will make us feel far better everyday. Exercising will give a dramatic difference. It increases our energy level, improves our mood and gives a better sleep. We can live longer with proper food and exercise.
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