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Green Tea Tops Weight Loss Solutions List

If you are interested in losing weight, then there are only two ways by which you can achieve it. The first method is reduction of your energy intake through diet plan and the second method is increasing your energy expenditure through exercises. People are looking on better options that will help them raise their metabolism, which is energy expenditure. Can you believe that you can lose weight by drinking green tea?

There are three types of tea categorized according to their oxidation level or fermentation process. They are black tea, oolong tea and green tea. Green tea is pan heated and steamed baked which prevent oxidation and that's why the leaves are green. Researchers have found that for persons who are drinking the combination of both caffeine and extract of green tea energy expenditure is high with burning calories more than persons drinking either caffeine or the placebo. It is surprising to find that extract of green tea shows a significant result of increase in metabolism and fat oxidation. Researchers stress that the substances available in green tea that are called as catechins are initiating weight loss which stimulates your body for burning calories and also decreasing fat in your body.

Some effects in green tea were originally because of the caffeine composition but researchers have identified that properties of green tea go beyond explanation other than presence of caffeine. Now you will be interested to know more about the green tea benefits listed below:

- It helps in stimulating your metabolism and in weight loss
- It battles for you against cancer
- It helps you in stabilizing diabetes
- It helps in reducing blood pressure level
- Most of your cardiovascular diseases are prevented
- It makes you prettier and skin acne- free
- It slows down your aging process
- It promotes oral health
- It protects your liver from toxins.
- It boosts your immune system
- It helps in your digestion and bowel regularity
- It provides you a mild effect of stimulation without bringing disturbance during night sleep or causing nervousness particularly during pregnancy.

The thermogenic effect or the increase in metabolic rate assists your diet program by burning more calories from your body everyday. Green tea contains caffeine, but if you want you can get without caffeine like herbal preparations. If you are a person who has disliking for caffeine, then there is good news for you. The catechins or the polyphenols only produce green tea's effect of thermo genesis and not because of the caffeine.

Green tea products are produced and are available in the market in other forms for skin preparations like deodorants and creams. Don't restrict your health benefits to dinking green tea but you can cook it and use for medication purposes. It is safe for you to plan drinking green tea regularly up to five cups, as its ingredients are mainly responsible for your health benefits. If you want to have weight loss and to retain it for a long term then you should include weight loss programs of low intensity and exercises like cycling and walking as your regular activity.

Your program of weight loss using green tea, as your diet will bring you desired results along with good health. You cannot compare green tea with any thing in the world because of its health benefits that are powerful and as it does not show any side effects.
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